About Us

At the tinder age of 7, I realized something and that something was that i had an aptitude for connecting with people. In addition to connecting with people I had a passion for jewelry, it was like yesterday when I remember my God Mother giving me a jewelry box filled with little plastic pearls for my birthday. Even though she bought me exactly what I wanted I knew in my mind I could make one better. Later that week I teamed up with my sister (who is pictured to the right of my grandmother) and began making bracelets. In the process of making these bracelets we began to recognize the value of them, I mean who wouldn't it was pure creativity and our unique form of expression. Then it dawned on me "Why don't we share our talents with other little girls?". So we began to reach out to our fellow girl scouts, to see if they would want to join in on what we felt would provide confidence, eloquence, style and most importantly distinction.
Which brings me to today, in the 21st century especially in a time where women play such a pivotal role, it has become my mission to let them know that your various shades of uniqueness is appreciate, is recognized, is congratulated. In these challenging times it is my civic duty to provide women the ability to persevere despite all obstacles, and with FabFitShop.com I know they will not only have the confidence they deserve but ingenuity and grace they can persevere.